Extension in Glendale

Mar 9, 2021

Project: Rear Single-Storey Extension

Special features: Pitched and flat roof

Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex

Client Specifications

This client wanted to create more usable space in their home by building an extension to the rear of their property. They chose a traditional brick extension with both a flat and pitched roof. This was to keep the look of the extension in keeping with the rest of the home whilst reducing the loss of natural sunlight into the house. 

Rear Property Extension

We wanted to maximize the use of the garden and the dining area so we installed 4-metre sliding doors that would complement the landscaping works in the next phase of the development.

Brickwork & Roof Support

The first step was to build the extended space with traditional brickwork and create the timber frame to support the roof. Additional insulating brickwork was added to the interior of the extension.

Roof Tiles & Timber Canopy

Once the framework was completed, the roof was insulated and waterproofed and we began to build the roof by laying the roof tiles and adding white timber canopy at the front.

Windows, Doors & Finishing Touches

The final stage of this development was to add the windows, the doors and the finishing touches to the extension. The client chose 4-metre sliding doors to make the most of their outside space and allow seamless integration between the inside and the outside of their home.

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