Property Refurbishment: Rear Extension, Kitchen, Bathroom & Patio

Jun 8, 2021

Project: Single story rear extension and new kitchen and bathrooms

Special features: A new exterior patio area

Project Duration 12 Weeks

Clients requirements

The clients wanted to create more room for the family and upgrade their existing kitchen and bathrooms. Mr Shultz also teaches martial arts and required an outdoor space to teach his clients.

Rear Extension

For this build, we worked alongside the clients to establish exactly what they wanted from their space. We designed and built according to their exact specifications.

We started by creating a single-storey rear extension with bifold doors and two glass roof skylights to create natural light throughout the room. The bi-fold doors opened out onto a level patio to allow a seamless integration onto the patio for more space when opened fully.

En-suite Bathroom

An ensuite bathroom is a great addition to any family home. It’s a little touch of luxury and privacy away from the chaos of the home.

For this client, we fitted a walk-in rain shower, basin and a conveniently placed built-in towel rail to store and dry towels, without having an additional storage unit.

Sky Lights

The clients requested that on the new extension we installed two skylights. Skylights let natural light into your home, and with that light comes heat. This can save you money on your energy bills by heating your property naturally with sunlight.

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