Garage Conversion and Extension in Bexhill

Mar 9, 2021

Project: Garage Conversion and Single Rear Extension

Special features: New porch to match Garage Conversion

Location: Bexhill, East Sussex

Client Specifications

This client wanted to expand the usable space in their home with a garage conversion and a rear property extension. They also wanted to incorporate a new porch area to tie in with the garage conversion.

They wanted a garage conversion to create an extra bedroom, the extension was built to gain a bigger kitchen and dining space.

Front Garage Conversion

The garage was converted and a front wall built to incorporate this space into room. New walls were added to the existing brickwork, a window was integrated to add light to the room, and guttering and a flat roof was added to complete the conversion.

Rear Property Extension

The back of the property was extended so that the client could install a bigger kitchen and dining area. The walls were reinforced with a hidden corner steel post to support the roof. The extension was then fitted with a flat roof, windows and gutters to ensure the space was waterproof.

Kitchen Fitting & Plastering

When the rear extension was complete, we stripped out the old kitchen. This space was then fully plastered, a ceiling feature with built in lights was added, and finally a new kitchen was fitted for the client.

New Front Porch

We also created a new front porch for this client to match the look and style of their garage conversion. This new porch integrated perfectly with the new extensions throughout the property. The footprint of the home was increased significantly adding both space and value to the property.

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