Extension in Springfield Road

Mar 9, 2021

Project: Rear Single-Storey Extension

Special features: Creating more usable space!

Location: Bexhill, East Sussex

Client Specifications

This client approached us because they wanted to build an extension on the front of their property. This additional space was for a large dining room to entertain family & friends.

With a large family and a love of entertaining company, this was the perfect solution to create more space in the home without using valuable outside space in the back garden.

Side Property Extension

We relocated the main front door and removed an interior wall to create internal space. We also worked with a structural engineer and metal fabricator to design and build some gallow brackets that allowed us to remove a chimney for additional space for the client.

Brickwork & Timber Roof Frame

The brickwork was laid and a timber roof frame was built on the side of the property. This room integrated seamlessly with the existing space already inside the property.

Roof, Guttering & Pipework

Once the timber roof was complete, this was then sealed and tiled to keep the roof watertight. Additonal guttering and pipework was installed to ensure the correct flow of water to avoid future damage to the roof or the property foundations.

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